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My Name is Niall Warry & I believe in outline:

My name is Niall Warry

& I believe, in outline:

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The aim is to improve our Constituency.

I live in the Westminster constituency of Somerton and Frome in Somerset, near Westcombe. I am 58 years old and I have two sons, one works in Television and lives with his wife and my two grandsons in Wales and my youngest son is an accountant with a firm based in London.

Angela and I moved to Westcombe in Feb 2008 and have now almost completed the full renovation of a farm property and so I now find I have time to devote to a further challenge.


After school I joined the Army, as my Father had done, serving 10 years with The Royal Green Jackets travelling to Germany, N. Ireland, Cyprus and Canada. I then spent 25 years in business mainly in the Leisure Industry dealing with the management of pubs. During my time in business I served a further 14 years in the Territorial Army based in South Wales.
Latterly after a period in property management I have been able to serve in the provision of care for the elderly, in the management of care homes.



I’m a conservative with a small ’c’ who, out of a belief that Britain should Govern itself in the best interests of The British, stood as a prospective MP for The Referendum party in 1997. For the last 10 years I’ve been a member of UKIP standing in 2 General, 1 European Election and 1 Local Council Election.

I still support UKIP’s original principles and vision, of leaving the European Union but find that they have moved to a position of integrity and self service that I find distances me from further association with them.


Frank Fields, Kate Hoey, Tony Benn, Vincent Cable, Margaret Thatcher, Norman Tebbit, William Hague and David Davis – to name a few.


Tony Blair, John Prescott, Ken Livingston, Ron Davis, Harriet Harman ( or is it Harperson!) Alex Salmon, Gordon Brown, Michael Hesseltine, Leon Britten, Jack Straw, Peter Haine, Peter Mandelson and their ilk.



(i) Defence

(ii) Law and Order

(iii) Foreign Affairs

(iv) Immigration

(v) NHS and Health – Scrap all targets and let the medical staff manage their own Hospitals on the grounds of health and wellbeing within a defined budget.

(vi)Education - Scrap all targets and allow Head Teachers to run their own schools free from Government and Local Authority interference.


(i) Tax and the Economy - I'm for a low tax economy as it has been proved beyond doubt that the higher the taxes a country has the less revenue the government receives. The absurdity of 'taxing the rich until the pips squeak' is that it is the middle classes that end up paying more taxes as the rich find new and better ways to avoid paying tax.

(ii) Environment – I hold an informed and healthy scepticism about the new religion of Man-Made ‘Climate Change’, so frequently interchanged with ‘Global Warming’.

I am aware and concerned at the potential for damage and risk of so called green solutions which seem all too often to be promoted on the grounds of control and profit of one group at the expense of another.

(iii) Argriculture, Fisheries & Food – Liberated from EU controls, which favour other EU members, permit our farmers and fishermen to manage their own businesses with a light hand of Government guidance minded both of the environment, profit and welfare care.

(iv) International Aid and Development

(v) Employment and Unemployment Benefit - Employment protection never works in the long run and it is vital that a country embraces new technology and does not get overly hung up on past employment patterns. As to reducing umemployment benifit it is relatively simple given a little bit of political will. Unemployment benifit should only be paid to the genuine unemployed and benifit should NOT be paid to anyone if ANY vacancies exist in the job market. Re-training schemes should be a priority and should be linked to a persons commitment to take up employment as soon as possible.

(vi) Transportation - To keep Britain moving we need to build more bye passes and motorways with due consideration, within reason, to enviromental issues. Existing train services need to be improved with greater penalties on the companies running the services for poor performance. London needs a new airport in a new locationas as far as way from people as practical.

(vii) Local Government - Given that most of the money Local Government has comes from Central Government it is clear that Local Councils can never really represent the wishes of local people. This must change by linking council income to the people who elect them. For a long time I have been concerned about the absurdity of Local Planning decisions so a far simpler mechanism must be introduced for local people to challenge planning decisions.

(viii) Culture Media and Sport - In the main I find these areas should not be the concern of Governments and I believe their is a strong case to get rid of this Government Department.


(i) Constitution - I'm Pro Monarchy and now see no alternative, after Blair's meddling, than to having an elected House of Lords with due consideration to the Constitutional implications of two 'elected' Houses. I was against Devolution because I support he UNITED Kingdom for history shows we are stronger together than apart.

(ii) Accountability -To strenghen the link between MPs and their constituents MPs should be selected through 'Constituency Primaries. This would help get rid of party placements against the constituent's wishes. MPs need to be accountable through an open public declaration of constituency accounts to include salary, allowances and approved expenses. There needs to be a system in place for constituents to censor their MP during a Parliament and MPs and Peers should be reduced by a half as we have far too many Members of Parliament. what we need is 'LESS GOVERNMENT NOT MORE!'

(iii) Quangos and Government Consultants – To be phased out and where essential to be cross party and a part of the Civil Service.

(iv) Remuneration in Government – Ensure that pay in Governance reflects service and duty NOT self enrichment and self aggrandisement. I would be happy for MPs to have other jobs to give them experience of the real world! This should be a matter which should be between the MP and his or her constituents.

(v) MPs Expenses – To be administered and accounted to the public through Constituency Offices, producing full accounts on one system of approved software within 14 days of the end of each Parliamentary session with tri annual payments 14 days after accounts are logged and published.


(i) Social Security payments - The USA has proved linking payments to the ability to work and only paying out for the first born reduces these payments dramatically.

(ii) Retirement Age and Payments - Given the fact we all live longer it is clear that the retirement age must be increased.

(iii) Society As Margaret Thatcher rightly said in my opinion - " There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It's our duty to look after ourselves and then after our neighbour." Of course our left wing bias media, who hate Margaret Thatcher, have never reported the whole quote.

(iv) Vandalism and Delinquents - These trouble makers lack leadership and a system must be introduced of Youth Service akin to National Service.

(v) Mental Health - Clearly the Victorian 'Mental Asylums'needed reform but looking after everyone in the community is NOT working. We need to re-introduce well controlled and monitored establishments to get dangerous individuals off the streets.

(vi) Gipsys and Travellers - Illegal sites set up against local planning laws, often over weekends, should be reinstated to how they were immediately. Only this firm action will stop this practise continuing.

(vii) Drugs - Drugs clearly damage lives and are dangerous. Our policy on drugs should not be driven by the liberal elite who use recreational drugs and don't want either themselves or their children given a criminal record!

(viii) Equal Opportunities - Everyone has the right to equal opportunities but government interference it this area doesn't work. A good education is the best answer to equal opportunities and we should NOT be affraid to allocate school places according to an individuals mental ability. We happily accept selection of the 'David Beckham's' of this world according to their sporting ability so why not select on mental ability.

(ix) Charities - Charities have a long and successful history of helping the poor and disadvantaged and should be encouraged to continue without government interference save a vigorous process of qualification and annual review.

(x) Religion - We are by history and tradition a Christian Country and such nonsense as replacing the word 'Christmas' with 'Winterville'must stop. Individuals are naturally free to pursue whatever religion they wish so long as it doesn't harm others.

(xi) Political Correctness - We must realise that his concept is designed to undermine our western values and treat it accordingly.

(xii) Health and Safety - Living a full life is not risk free and the increasing army of H & S officials must be curtailed.

(xiii) Human Rights - The rights of a 'victim' of crime must outweigh the rights of the perpetrator. An individual's Human Rights must be balanced with individual responsibility and accountability.

(xiv) Freedom of Speech - In general the right of someone to say something of which you may disapprove should be protected.

(xv) Marriage - The institution of marriage needs to be supported as it is proven that children brought up with married parents fare better in life.

(xvi) Social Services - Have increasingly become a law unto themselves running their own liberal left agenda of never critising anyones's life style. What we need is for ex-service types to be placed within positions of authority to restore a sense of balance.


I believe the current system requires radical change and due to the fact that it is totally discredited NOW is the time to consider that change.

I would like to invite you to join me to select a steering committee to work on these beliefs in OUR Constituency.


If you value our Country and its independent self determination and agree with me and would like to help, we need supervisors, organisers, campaigners, representatives and leafleters – we need lots of help, to help lots of people, and make OUR Constituency better to live in for all of us.

Ever the optimist I rather hope this idea will catch on and spread right across OUR Constituency and beyond.

Please contact me on:-

Telephone - 01749 838816

Mobile - 07957 872074

‘e’Mail at -

I have also set up a web site at: with lots more details, and I’m working out how to make it interactive with a Forum for open discussion.

I would very much appreciate your help, as there’s lots to do and so many good reasons to do it!

Niall Warry

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